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Continental Language Services and Educational Consultants is an accredited Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation company located in the state of New Jersey and created to evaluate high school diplomas for the New York/New Jersey Licensing Boards of Cosmetology/Hairstyling/Barber/Nails.

There are three key features that differentiate our company from the competition. Our prices are the lowest in the trade for those students wishing to have their documents evaluated in order to meet the high school requirement of the Cosmetology-Hairstyling-Nails-Barber licensing boards. The cost of a high school evaluation is $80.00 - the lowest rate in the tri-state area. This cost includes 2 notarized originals and postage; and most importantly, I provide a rapid turnaround time frame of 5 to 7 business days if the translation is included. In addition, we offer the best protection for your students in the market. We pledge that if the document you send us is not the equivalent of a high school diploma in the U.S.A., we will refund the full amount of the money sent to us for the evaluation.

In addition, we offer translation services. The high school diploma translation for Spanish speaking countries is $30.00 for diplomas and $40.00 for a grade transcript/diploma- (Peru and Mexico) which is usually 1 page. For the rest of the nations the cost is $40.00 per high school diploma or $40.00 per page if the grade transcript is translated.

Moreover, we provide Foreign Academic Credential Evaluations for college degrees. If you have a college degree from a foreign nation we perform the evaluation (Credits -GPA) and also the translation.

The company also works closely with vocational/technical schools that register students that received their high school education in a foreign country. The high school diplomas for these students are evaluated and translated under the same favorable terms mentioned above.

The staff also employs highly qualified Superior Court Interpreters for legal, medical or business interpreting assignments.

The Director of Continental Language Services is a professionally accredited international educational specialist. Mr. Jimenez is also an accredited Superior Court Interpreter and a Translator.

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