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Translation Unit

The core business entity of C.L.S. & Ed. Cons. consists of its reputable translation department. These professionals are educated to translate in the formal universal target language. They are also learned to insert, when appropriate, culturally specific idiomatic expressions, informal phraseology, regional lexicon, colloquial expressions, all depending on the target population in conjunction with the requests of the client. All translators employed by the company are degreed, certified, and/or accredited, assuring the client the highest quality of service. Each translation is proofread and edited by a project manager. The company translates in over 50 languages and contracts approximately 150 translators. Assignments of over 50,000 words are assigned to a quick response translation team that can churn out over 5,000 words per day if time is of the essence.

Interpreting Unit

The company also provides medical, business and deposition interpretation services for any viable entity. The interpreters hold the same credentials as the interpreters assuring accountability. At this time the company solely accepts contracts for a minimum of a full 8 hour day of service. This policy is in place to assure you that you always get the interpreter we advertise and that you deserve; which is a properly accredited/certified and degreed linguist. We don't believe in taking shortcuts which may be necessary for short term assignments.

Educational Unit

Worksite Instruction

The language instructors teach specific industry language instruction. The company contracts certified teachers which are knowledgeable of the industry for which they are contracted in. Our services can be used by the services sector, law enforcement, business, the medical profession etc. Our beginner's to intermediate customized courses are tailored to last 20 weeks and last 2 hours per session. Maximum capacity is 15 students per class.

Many of the immigrants in the service industries have been found to be academic professionals in their homeland. The company provides a much needed service for this population. The company translates foreign academic credentials for the purpose of procuring the professional academic equivalency in the U.S.A. The staff translates, fills out the necessary forms and works in conjunction with the International Evaluation Accreditation Service to complete the process.

DTP Services: Quark Express, In Design, Illustrator, Photo Shop. Please let us know if we can accommodate you with another software design.

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